A sample of our rental instruments

Perrin & Associates is pleased to offer a rental program to meet the needs of music students and teachers who require an instrument of exceptional quality. To encourage the student to learn proper technique from the beginning and provide a more enjoyable learning experience, our instruments are adjusted to the highest standards for optimum sound and playability.

Rental of instruments is done in periods of six months. Payment for the first six months is due on the first day of rental, and payment for each subsequent six month period will be charged to your credit card on the first day of each rental period. The contract will automatically renew if the instrument is not returned or purchased on or before the last day of the rental period. Rental charges are not prorated. Each rental contract requires a driver’s license number or photo ID and a valid credit card.

Rental Rates

Violins: $30.00/month 1/16-4/4

Violas: $35.00/month 12"-16"

Cellos: $60.00/month 1/10-4/4

100% of the first 12 months’ (2 rental periods) rent may be applied toward the purchase of the rented instrument or any other instrument of the same type for sale at Perrin & Associates Fine Violins.

Contact us if you are interested in a rental.