We carry a full line of cases by the following makers:

BAM | GEWA | Bobelock | Tonareli | Eastman | Pedi | Howard Core



Our fittings are available in a variety of wood choices, including ebony, rosewood, boxwood and pernambuco, as well as some more unusual tropical hardwoods. Chinrests are stocked in a wide variety of styles, since the chinrests can have a large influence on comfort. Tailpieces may be wood or composite, and they also can alter sound significantly. The Bois de Harmonie tailpieces are created in a variety of woods and have an elegant design that allows for each string to have a fine tuner.

Music Stands

We have folding music stands in all colors, orchestral stands, and stands for instruments that allow the instrument to be set aside safely without going back into the case each time. These can be especially useful in preventing cello edge wear.


Bernardel | Hill | Andrea | Jade | Pirastro

Shoulder Pads

A proper shoulder pad is essential for holding your instrument comfortably. We carry Kun and Wolf in a variety of styles, Everest, Bon Musica, Mach One, Efel, Comford, Pedi and more. We also have a variety of sponges for smaller instruments.


We carry pretty much every string you have ever heard of, and we match online prices. Plus, we will put them on for you as a time saver. Our extensive inventory and guidance will allow you to find the right strings for your instrument without spending a fortune trying different brands.

Evah Pirazzi | Dominant | Obligato | Passione | Peter Infeld | Vision | Gamut | Larsen | Jargar | Helicore | Bel Canto | Spirocore