Caressa & Francais

This exceptional cello from the atelier of Caressa & Francais was built c. 1905, and bears an original label reading " Fait sous la Direction de Caressa & Francais, Luthiers de Conservatoire, 4 Passage Saulnier A Paris". It has a open, projecting quality with richness and depth, along with an easy response. The instrument is in beautiful condition.

Jay Haide Baroque

This instrument is an accurate baroque reproduction by Jay Ifshin and Haide Lim. Possessing the traditional thicker neck and shorter fingerboard, this is the perfect entry-level baroque violin, priced at $2,500.00

Sebastian Dallinger Violin c.1770

This instrument is a rare find in that this violin has its original neck, bas bar, and tailpiece, making it a truly authentic instrument of the period with the richness and strength of sound that a professional period player desires.

Sebastian Dallinger is recognized as an excellent Viennese maker mostly working on a Stainer model. 

Amati's Fine Instruments

Instruments from this group of makers are an outstanding value. You may view the complete line of instuments we carry from this shop by visiting their web site under the category "Step Up Violins. A link is here: Pictured is their copy of the Kreisler Guarneri from 1733. This and the Guadagnini copy are among our favorites. The Model 513 is a less expensive alternative and also has an excellent tone.

Andreas Eastman

Andreas Eastman cellos are the instruments that we use most frequently in our rental program, and are also available for purchase. These high-quality instruments have a warm, pleasing tone, and are highly responsive to the demands of beginning and intermediate students. Perrin and Associates adds our own hand-crafted bridge and professional-quality strings to each instrument, and we adjust each for optimal performance before it leaves our shop.

Andrzej Swietlinski

Andrejz Swietlinski was born in Nowy Targ, Poland in 1962. He is a graduate of the Fine Arts High School in Zakopane, and went on to study violin making and luthiery at the Liceum of Plastic Work in Zakopane, as well as sculpture and art at the Jan Matejko Academy of Fine Art in Krakow. He apprenticed under the well known Polish Master Jan Bobak in the 1990’s, and founded the Swietlinski-Glodek-Szlachtowski Workshop in the mountainous region of Poland. His violins and violas have received international acclaim and are played by many respected musicians worldwide.

Antique Fractional Violins

Perrin and Associates carries a variety of high-quality antique fractional size violins, which are intended for advanced young musicians. Examples include several French violins from Jerome Thibouville-Lamy, other French violins from Mirecourt, and German violins made in Markneukirchen and Mittenwald in the late 1800s.