Nicholas Vasich

This violin has been sold.

Nicholas Vasich (1891-1961) was a Yugoslavian maker who settled in Baltimore. This instrument was converted to a baroque set-up in the early 1970s.

Pawet Migiel

Master Luthier
Pawet Migiel

Pawet Migiel was born in Zakopane, Poland in 1982, and his affinity for the violin and its construction started as a child. After finishing his schooling, he went to work as an apprentice of Wojciech Topa, one of Poland’s finest luthiers, with whom he still works.

Migiel builds instruments in the patterns of Italian masters, and although still young, his instruments are rapidly gaining a reputation around the world and are sought after by students and mature musicians alike.

Raul Emiliani

Raul Emiliani cellos are powerful instruments with a rich, complex tone, and are one of our best options for intermediate cellists. Their superb playability and wide range of dynamic response make them suitable for solo performance as well as orchestra and chamber ensemble.