GVC Cremona

These violins, also available in all sizes, are of similar quality to the Scott Cao instruments and are priced similarly. The tone colors of these violins offer an alternative to our other entry level violins, with variation in their voices. They are given the same attention in our shop.

Nicholas Vasich

This violin has been sold.

Nicholas Vasich (1891-1961) was a Yugoslavian maker who settled in Baltimore. This instrument was converted to a baroque set-up in the early 1970s.

Scott Cao Violins

These excellent violins — from tiny ones for 3 year olds to full size violins — have a richness and depth in the sound quality that is rare in an inexpensive violin. Their full size violins make a superb choice as a starter violin for a high school player. Much is added to these instuments in our shop; the bridge and soundpost are created here, and the string selection and adjustment bring out the best the violins have to offer. An entire outfit, including a wooden (not a fiberglass) bow, and case, may be had for just over $600. These are also the violins that are most frequently used in our rental program.

Wojciech Topa

Wojciech Topa is one of Poland's most prominent luthiers. He initially studied violin making at the Technical College of Violin Making in Nowy Targ. He then worked with the reknowned master Jan Bobak before establishing his own workshop in 2002. Since then he has become widely know and respected for the originality of his work and his ability to combine a powerful projecting sound with warmth and depth. His instruments are used by top professionals including K.A. Ball, Ivan Monighetti, Stefan Kamasa, Jerzy Kosmala, Andrzej Bauer, and many others at the college and professional levels in the U.S.