Violin Bows

Victor Fetique

Victor Fetique worked with Charles Nicholas Bazin before moving to Paris to join the Caressa et Francais workshop after 1901. In 1913 Fetique established his own shop at 72 Rue Myrha in Paris. Victor Fetique won numerous competitions, and in 1925 received the prize "Premier Archetier de France." This bow dates from that year. The round stick is mounted in ebony and silver, and both face plate and adjuster are solid silver. It is an ideal playing weight at just over 59 grams. Please inquire for price.

Affordable bow collection

An extensive collection of violin bows under $250 include bows from JonPaul in Brazilwood, Sandalwood and Ipe. There are also quality inexpensive bows from Eastman Strings, including pernambuco bows. Carbon fiber bows can also be an interesting option in this price range. Our carbon fiber bows are from Arcos Brazil and from Coda. The most basic bows are under $100 and we find them to be quite servicable playing sticks, and better than the choice of fiberglass.

We also carry quality pernambuco violin bows from Arcos Brazil and Horst John for under $500.

Arcos Brasil

Makers of these high quality pernambuco bows include Helisson Cyrillo, Alexandre Carvalho, and Claudio Chagas. Pictured above is a silver-mounted copy of a Lamy bow, by Alessandro Carlesso.

Arthur Bultitude

This bow has been sold.

Arthur Bultitude (1908-1990) was employed at the W.E. Hill & Sons firm in London starting at the age of fourteen, where he apprenticed under William Retford. After military service during the Second World War, he returned to Hill, where he was appointed manager in 1945. He stayed with Hill until 1961, when he set up his own workshop in Gills Green, Kent. During the following twenty years he made more than two thousand bows.

Many of Bultitude’s bows are decorated with a Tudor Rose on the frog, which can be seen on this violin bow dating from 1972. The bow has a tortoise shell frog mounted in gold, including a gold adjuster and face plate, and is in perfect condition.

August Rao

This octagonal bow with solid silver adjuster, from the 1940's, is a fine playing stick. It is on the more flexible side.

Bernd Dolling

This bow has been sold.

Created in Wernitzgrun  in 1974, this Dolling bow is patterned after the work of Sartory. The mounting is in ebony and silver, with a magnificently ornamented ferrule, adjuster and heelplate.

Daniel Latour

This bow has been sold.

An ornate, ivory mounted baroque violin bow by Daniel Latour, France c. 1970. An exact copy of a bow owned by Sigiswald Kuijken.

Gand & Bernardel

This bow has been sold.

This violin bow was made for the Gand & Bernadel firm in Paris by the Voirin shop c. 1890.  It is accompanied by a certificate from the Parisian bow expert  Jean-Francois Raffin. The bow has a frog and adjuster from the period, but not original to the stick, making it a more affordable player's bow.

Gustav Prager

This bow has been sold.

An octagonal bow from the Gustav Prager shop, near Markneukirchen. 

Herm. Albert Hoyer

This bow has been sold.

An octagonal bow from the Markneukirchen maker Hermann Albert Hoyer. The frog is of fine dark ebony with the maker's stamp, a bird of prey. This bow is from later in his career, c. 1950.