Viola Bows

John Dodd c. 1825

John Dodd, often referred to as "The English Tourte," was one of the defining figures in early 19th century English bow making. After earlier work in Lambeth, Dodd worked in the Kew area of London, where he supplied bows to the Betts, Forster, and Banks shops, and also made his own bows stamped "DODD." He was one of the first makers to employ a bow stamp.

This viola bow is made of very fine Pernambuco, and is stamped "DODD" on the thumb side of the heel. it dates from the first quarter of the 19th century, with a frog and adjuster which were replaced later.

Matt Wehling

Matt Wehling is a highly-respected American bowmaker who has received a great deal of recognition for his work, including First Prize at the Etienne Vatelot Competition and the elite 'Hors Concours' designation from the Violin Society of America.

Pierre-Yves Fuchs

Pierre-Yves Fuchs is a modern bow maker who works near Lausanne, Switzerland. Fuchs studied under Gilles Duhaut, Pierre Guillaume, and Benoit Rolland, and has won six gold medals from the Violin Society of America for his work, as well as awards from the British Violin Making Association and the Concours Etienne Vatelot. His bows are highly sought-after by professionals in both the United States and Europe.

This viola bow is mounted in silver, with a large pearl eye and an elegant silk and tinsel wrap. It draws a rich palette of colors, with a quick response and an easy spiccato.

Affordable Viola Bows

An extensive collection of viola bows under $250 include bows from JonPaul in Brazilwood, Sandalwood and Ipe. There are also quality inexpensive bows from Eastman Strings, including pernambuco bows. Carbon fiber bows can also be an interesting option in this price range. Our carbon fiber bows are from Arcos Brazil and from Coda. The most basic bows are under $100 and we find them to be quite servicable playing sticks, and better than the choice of fiberglass.

We also carry quality pernambuco viola bows from Arcos Brazil and Horst John for under $500.

Arcos Brasil

Makers of these high quality pernambuco bows include Claudeir Chagas, André Carvalho, and Pedro Fracalossi. Pictured above is a silver-mounted copy of a Sartory bow, by Alessandro Carlesso.

James Brown Transitional Bow c.1830

This transitional bow, which could function as a violin or viola bow based off its weight and dimensions, was made by James Brown in London, England around 1830.  It is an interesting example of this rare maker's production.  Includes a certificate by Isaac Salchow.  $3,500

Salchow Transitional

This bow has been sold.

A unique offering crafted by America's legendary bowmaker, this bow contains characteristics of both baroque and modern bow design.